Real Estate Consultancy

During 2020, LIVT will organize workshops and seminars about the real estate market in Spain, and the professional roles in this fast-changing world. They concern on/offline activities, facilitated by a team of experts, with a different approach. We believe that simple teaching is a bit outdated, we would rather share our experiences.

During a seminar of Prof. Jaap Boonstra (Esade Business School), I learned about the context of the following phrases:

“Tell me and I’ll forget,
Show me and I’ll remember,
Involve me and I’ll understand”

In order to become a future change leader, you must understand that, by involving your team members, you will get the best results. By sharing our knowledge, we pretend to guide you towards the professional goals you have in mind.

An overview of our workshops/seminars in 2020:

 .   The Real Estate Agency 2020+

  •  Rules and regulations in Spain
  •  How to invest in real estate in Spain
  •  Start your own agency
  •  How to become a future change leader in the real   estate market
  •  Close the Deal
  •  Get more (international) clients!
  •  Personal Real Estate Shopper