Project Gaia

Based on the Enneagram of Gurdjieff and Ichazo and inspired by Gaia the ancestral mother of all life in the Greek mythology the project was born. We are looking to share knowledge by playing as every office needs some fun feature that you can’t really find anywhere else. That it’s probably unique, personal, and can give you a sense of belonging to a secret club of working side by side with Da Vinci and other geniuses.

  • So why not play, have fun and motivate your employees?
  • Raise the level of Productivity of your team.
  • Keep track of your team KPIs / OKRs.
  • Have tons of Fun meanwhile you search for the Best Talent.
  • And never stop Learning!

It is a card RPG (Role Playing Game) based on actions and rewards, which seeks to motivate your recruitment teams bolstering their productivity.  We want to share with you some cool data about this thanks to Project Gaia involvement:


  • Happy employees are 20% more healthier.
  • Number of latest hires raised by 32%. 
  • Recruitment experience satisfaction grew over 41%.
  • Fun bolstered the creativity of teams by 38%.
  • Communication between teams improved by 44%.

Gaia Play Master Academy



Added value services

Follow up

Sourcing and Candidate   Experience Trainingsed

Personalised Gaia Play Academy




Targeted audience

Coorporations, companies
with larger HR departments
or any Sales/AM department
with KPI defined