El Camino

Our guide EL CAMINO is a practical tool to help young people in the final part of their secondary school studies, a key moment in their lives. Through coaching questions, the reader will be guided through a natural process of four phases where he or she will take decisions that will help defining their vision of the future. It has been successfully tested in various schools. Presented in a full color, compact format. A “must have” for students!

Project Gaia

Based on the Enneagram of Gurdjieff and Ichazo and inspired by Gaia the ancestral mother of all life in the Greek mythology the project was born. We are looking to share knowledge by playing as every office needs some fun feature that you can’t really find anywhere else. That it’s probably unique, personal, and can give you a sense of belonging to a secret club of working side by side with Da Vinci and other geniuses.

Coming soon

Soon you will discover what the founders of LIVT are creating to add even more value to the world!