This time from Livt we will bring a series of articles that may be relevant or interesting in three main elements, for anyone who wants to know or expand knowledge on human resources (or simply have doubts about what is what), for anyone who wants to improve what he/she already has been doing (because we must never assume that what we already have is the final recipe) and finally, to contribute with different perspectives. We will be talking about employer branding, something fundamental, correct maintenance of it and application saves money and avoids negative consequences within organizations.

But first and foremost, what is employer branding? “It is nothing other than the brand of a company as an employer, in other words, the image that a company has not only towards its clients but also towards its own employees and, above all, the image that its potential candidates perceive” (source Talent Clue). Another definition that is worth limiting is as a concept that “refers to the image that a business projects as an employing entity. This perception is, in fact, the sum of the reputation of any company among its current workers and among potential candidates ”(IEBS source).

Ok, being clear about what we are talking about, why is this important? The correct question is, why would it not be important? Employer branding allows us to provide other people and companies in multiple sectors with an x-ray of how things work within, that said, our mission, vision, and fundamentally, our values. Why values ? Because they help define and understand the treatment given to the employee, which will be seen in one way or another applied to suppliers and customers. Therefore, if a company has poor employer branding, what can you expect if you want to make a strategic alliance? The answer is simple, bad reputation.

We must bear in mind that employer branding is currently at a peak thanks to social networks, since, in one way or another, it allows us to understand where companies are going, therefore, where does this element influence ? In the acquisition of new talent as well as the retention and rotation of the talent that is already within. These elements come to have a key value, since any “large company” that intends to continue expanding needs to have an adequate base where potential candidates see this option as valid within their quality standards, since no one would seek to enter work in a place where everyone speaks ill. Retention and rotation on their part encompass two key questions: Why are you leaving? And how can we improve? We must remember that we may be doing things incorrectly, harming the work environment, therefore, the other cousin of employer branding is job satisfaction.

The image of the employing brand should not focus only on the facade, but honesty and transparency must be pillars for the company. The company must show its true values, its way of working and how it treats its talents. On the other hand, the intelligent use of social media profiles is a factor that any company that wants to develop a sufficiently effective communication policy must take care of. Selecting the right managers to manage them is, therefore, a primary decision. (IEBS source).

Therefore, we must take care of how our employees feel, we must know their perspectives, positive and negative experiences, this is achieved by measuring job satisfaction through tests, focus groups or NPS scores, once its done, interpret the results objectively and face not only to the elaboration of beautiful graphics, but, in a real plan of action in this regard. We must not neglect either the incentives or the reinforcements, each small or great effort must be recognized publicly or privately. In future articles we will be talking about motivation, something fundamental especially now that the digital transformation is imposed, and we need to be committed and encourage people to stay awake and connected with good anticipation, instead of sleeping with the laptop next to and signing from their bed.

Manuel Nosenko Urbina

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at LIVT