In 2019, I attended a coaching seminar of various days about Coaching by Values. I felt attracted by the idea, to learn how our core values would explain about ourselves and the relation to others and our surroundings. I found out that the concept was initiated in 1.997 by Simon Dolan, a Canadian scientist and actually a professor at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Prior to the seminar, I studied his book, “Coaching by Values (2.012)”, that I highly recommend!

Simon Dolan, together with his team, had been investigating during many years about all the values that we as a person have. In a first selection, he collected more than 150 values. He found out, that basically they could be divided into three areas,:

The economical/pragmatic, the social/ethical and the emotional values.

In a later stage, he discovered that many out of these 150, had a similar structure. He decided to combine some of them and ended up with 51 core values.

Some examples:

Economical/Pragmatic values

They connect us with the “real Life” and help us “to do what has to be done” in order to survive economically.

For instance; organisation, earning money, communication, planning, leadership etc.

Social/Ethical values

They connect us with the people around us, with the rest of the world. They help us to keep a certain ethical balance, within our marked parameters.

For instance; friendship, integrity, justice, transparency, fairness or loyalty.

Emotional values

They connect with ourselves, the inner person. They help us to feel good the way we are and they are related to our emotions.

For instance; patience, optimism, happiness, creativity, privacy, empathy, auto control etc.

Lets play!

All 51 values are represented in a group of cards. The idea is that each participant decides what would be his/her selection. You can´t choose them all, you have to make a selection of a very limited number of cards. What do you do? Is “making money” more important than justice? Or planification means more to you than liberty/freedom?

After you have made your personal selection, it would be interesting to make a reflection, together with your coach. What does it tell me, what are my priorities and how do I look at the people around me. Another reflection could be to compare “my list of core values”, with the job description values of the company I am working right now, or the job I am looking for. The power of knowing your core values, will enable you to choose your future accordingly. That´s very interesting!

Your selection could be introduced in the so called Triaxial model (registered as DOLAN 3Es Triaxial of values). Then you´ll have “your photograph”, who you are and what values are essential to you.

We would be pleased to offer you in person, or with your team, a Coaching by Values session. You´ll be surprised by the possibilities. Its a real “eye opener” because it tells you, who you are, with whom you would like to build relationships and how you are going to pay for all that, if needed.


May 2020 / Paul van den Hout /  Executive Coach and certified in Coaching by Values

Contact: paul@livt.es