In February 2018, Gianluca Rosania Larrea met Paul van den Hout during an international coaching event in Barcelona and since then, they have joined their forces creating synergies. Their first goal was to start writing the guide
“EL CAMINO”, that was published in 2020 and they founded the platform LIVT,
elevate your talent.

A psychologist and a businessman:
Two cultures, two different backgrounds and one mutual goal: supporting the society with a hands-on mentality for (team)coaching sessions, executive training and business & tech recruitment. Moreover, the guide “EL CAMINO”, supports adolescents with the difficult choice for their future regarding their career.


After various brainstorming sessions with our creative team, we decided to register the name LIVT, “elevate your talent”. Our main goal and mission are to help as many persons as possible finding their path and avoiding any obstacles withholding them from being successful in their personal and professional life.

LIVT wants to elevate your talent towards new heights, by supporting you during our coaching sessions, providing you with some powerful tools as a structural support for finding your vision for the future or to enhance your productivity while having fun!

We live for our values; we strive to learn more every day, remembering we are still very tiny, and we show persistence acknowledging that success and happiness need time to develop. We never forget that it is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones that are most adaptable to change. We have a huge respect for our clients knowing that we are all earthlings and equals!

As the founders of LIVT, we have a huge drive and an enormous motivation to help you become more successful. We offer our large international experience with the principle “don’t teach but share”, by creating synergies on many professional areas.

Apart from the two founders, LIVT counts with external specialists like coaches for specific areas, public speakers, psychologists or team leaders in order to provide the best personalised service.

If you are interested in one of our activities,
don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
for additional information or a personal interview.


van den Hout

Paul van den Hout

was born in The Netherlands and has a Marketing & Business Administration background. After finishing his studies, he started traveling and has been working for various multinationals in the Tourism, Leisure and Food & Beverage industry. He also introduced international franchise concepts to the European and Middle East leisure business.

After living and working in various European countries & the Middle East, he moved to Madrid. He has been a resident in Spain for more than 30 years. Actually, he is a Consultant based in Barcelona specializing in Residential Real Estate. He was one of the first foreigners to finish a Master’s in Real Estate at the University of Barcelona.

He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and has an International Certificate in Coaching by Values. He is a mentor coach and also a certified as Teamcoach.

aul’s company, VDH ENTERPRISES was set up in 1996, offering a clear and hands-on attitude.
Paul speaks five languages and wishes to share his international experience with others by bridging cultural differences between the various countries and supporting the real estate community in Spain.
Together with his business partner Gianluca, he offers tailor made courses and workshops for groups and individual executive coaching on management level.
He has published various works on these subjects.

Paul is also a Facilitator and Team Coach at the international Business School ESADE (Barcelona and Madrid), collaborating with the CEMS, EMBA and Hybrid programs on Leadership, Exploring Oneself and Cultural Changes”. They concern interactive  sessions of various days with (international) students.


Alessandro Rosania

Gianluca Alessandro Rosania

was born in Ecuador and studied Psychology at the University of Americas with a minor in Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

His next step was to open his own office where he applied cognitive therapy.
In losing his mother at an early age he always considered that if we manage our thoughts better, we will also do so with our emotions.

After he lost his father at the age of 25, he left everything behind and moved to Barcelona in search of answers about what to do with his life, his career, and to discover his passions and his future.

In Barcelona, he finished 3 Masters (Master Sports Management UPF , Master Sports Coaching, Master Personal Trainer), and worked for important companies like Metropolitan Touring, MSC, Robert Walters Glovo and, continuing his vocation to help others. This allowed him to carry out exhaustive studies and research to write “El Camino” and build a substantive knowledge in the Talent Acquisition area. In 2022 he was nominated as one of the Top 3 influencers in Recruitment in Spain.

Lecturer and motivational speaker, born entrepreneur, he speaks 4 languages, has been Cofounder of 2 sports companies, currently Founder of Project Gaia y Cofounder of LIVT with Paul.